Hello! I am Sarah.

 Sarah Core is a natural and creative light photographer located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She has had a love for photography since the day she convinced her mother that she needed a camera at the ripe age of seven.  Sarah invested in her first DSLR in 2001 and loves the freedom that digital photography provides. Sarah was fortunate enough to hone her craft while shooting with some of the best photographers in Northwest Arkansas. She specializes in high school and college seniors, weddings and family photography. She has been shooting professionally since 2010.

I know it is cliche, but I truly LOVE photography! I love capturing a fleeting moment, forever freezing it in time. A moment that you can never get back. A moment that can never be duplicated. A moment that can only be documented.


Four Random Facts

Random Fact Number One

Self proclaimed animal lover. I enjoy fostering bottle fed kittens and following (and living vicariously through) Wildheart Ranch.

Random Fact Number Two

Harry Potter nerd. Books. Movies. I love it all!

Random Fact Number Three

Lover of all kind of music. I believe good music can heal the soul.

Random Fact Number Four

Murder show and podcast junkie. I love listening to a good podcast while editing photos.